Hi there,
Thanks for stopping by. My name is Kim Eijdenberg and I believe everyone has a story. I'm honored that you've thought of me to tell yours. I've shot weddings all over the world but the one thing I've learned is that each one is unique because even if the colors are the same, the location is the same, or the number of guests is the same, the people are always different.
And it's the people who make the moments that become the story.
Let's not kid ourselves. Weddings are big deals. You've spent a long time planning this day and want it to go as smoothly as possible.
I'm a relaxed person and it takes a lot to unravel me. So even if your mother-in-law is shouting to get a photo of the pink peony in the yard across the street because it reminds her of her father, but your mother is trying to get the family together for a reunion photo, I don't get rattled.
Neither should you.
Just be yourself. The story is there, already happening, already unfolding. I just capture it and tell it in all its detail - from the tear in a guest's eye, to the laughter that rings through the dinner. (Yes, you can hear laughter in photos.) Nothing will be contrived because I want the moments you remember to be true moments.
It's important for you to find the right photographer for your wedding, so let's talk and see if I'm the one for you.


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